Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting in the Middle

Who says that things should start at the beginning?

When you start a new job, are you ever the first person in the world to do that kind of work, or do you pick up the papers where someone else left off?

In science, who deserves credit for an invention, if all inventions are composed of materials that are were invented by someone else?

The same happens with bipolar and that's why the name infinite egress correctly defines it. We find ourselves well in the middle of the disease by the time it is diagnosed and we begin the process of healing by looking for a direct line out. However, we discover that all the exits are false and we duped for paying to see the beautiful egress.

How can you find your way out if you don't know how you came in? That's why medicine is such an unappealing (but necessary) solution to bipolar. Its like putting on a crash helmet to protect you from thinking too fast. And it blurs the vision when the solution, in large part, lies with understanding how you came in.

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