Monday, March 8, 2010

Snow in Barcelona

Most people that live in Barcelona have never seen it snow in the city and today it has snowed very hard.

As I rode the bus to work I read a book about Zen meditation and had to stop: "I've read now 4 chapters about how to breath." To someone from the East this may seem perfectly normal, but they would feel amazed singing, "Go Tell it on the Mountain" in chorus.

In Spain everything feels smaller, and I think I will never get used to picking up smaller drinking glasses. I almost throw them over if I'm not careful. Neither will understand the culture of taking very few risks in life, but I have been very influenced by it. I must be careful to set the proper frame for taking risks though. Think of it like drinking water from a glass: 0ne must do it to get by, but there is nothing like taking a long drink of water after mowing grass in the back yard. But if you have no back yard?

I start to understand the importance of breathing and why I must keep on reading.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

That Pesky 1%

One percent is the distance that I remain from reaching the idealized version of myself, and it is also the number responsible for all the problems in my life.

If could just do all the things I propose for myself: cook more meals, go running more often, put more energy into playing with my kids, etc, then I would be a happier person.

But obtaining that one percent is also just the right amount to make me feel worthless sometimes. And all those things that I never do just add to my frustration. So, is the one percent really worth it? Shouldn't I accept a lower, but passing grade, and move on to my favorite subject?